The Wonder Wife Life

Welcome to The Wonder Wife Life. Here will be revealed some of the “secrets” inherent in marriage as well as some of the real – though shocking – stories that have actually happened to me as a wife and friend. The emphasis here is REAL. This shit isn’t made up.

The secrets of marriage aren’t really secrets, because everyone comes to learn them on their own. But they are secrets they wish someone had told them before they got married. Knowing the secrets likely won’t change anyone’s mind about marriage, but it helps to know them going into the sacred union. Because they are valid, they are undeniable, and they will come to be present in your own lives and marriage. Most people will read these blogs and say “not us” or “we have a great relationship” or “we have the hottest sex in the world…it won’t happen to us.” I call bullshit, and so does every other people who has been married for more than 15 years.

As for the rest of the stuff — the Wonder Wife Life — it’s all real, and most of it is hilarious.  To me it’s ordinary. It’s daily life. But most people I talk to say this shit doesn’t happen to them at all. They don’t even hear it happening to other people.  So maybe I’m special, or just lucky.

A few scenarios I’ve borrowed from friends who have told me their funny stories. For consistency’s sake, I’ve told all the stories in first person, whether they are my stories or not.

So read on, have a giggle.

Note: Names and places in this blog have been changed to protect the innocent…or just my friends who don’t want to be found out.