The Brutal Truth

Men like to believe that they are “all that” in bed, and as women, it’s up to us to convince them they are, at least if we are married to them or want to keep them around. (We can always make suggestions for improvement to help them get there, but that’s another blog entry.)

One of my friends, Michelle, was far more dedicated to making her man believe this than I could have imagined possible. Every time she had sex with her husband, she was “ready:” her hoo ha was always wet and slick. Always. It appeared her body couldn’t wait for the pending rendezvous with his dick. Years – yes years – after they had been married, her husband commented about how hot this was to him as they were getting it on one night.

“Michelle, I love that you are always ready for me. It’s such a turn on for me,” he said.

Rolling her eyes, Michelle finally let out the truth: “I’m not. I just use lube before we get started. It makes everything go faster and easier. I never had the heart to tell you.”

** Crickets, for like 10 seconds…. **

“No way!” he replied. “I haven’t ever see you put it on. You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not. I’m usually the one to initiate, so I make sure I’m prepped for you.”

“No. No. I don’t believe it. That’s not possible.”


And back and forth they went, she trying to explain to him that women aren’t dripping for them men every time they have sex, and he professing his disbelief.

Gentlemen, it’s the brutal truth. We aren’t always “ready,” even if we want it, and even if you are amazing in bed. No one is that amazing. But it’s nice that you have believed your wife for years when she has told you that you are.

(For other brutal truths, see the blog entry Time Limits.)



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