Getting Hit On…or Maybe Stalked?

Every once in a while, a stranger will give you an appreciative glance, wave at you from a passing car, honk at you, or give you some indication that you are still appealing to men other than your husband. We all need these little ego boosts. It’s good to know we are still attractive to someone other than your spouse.


Some Compliments

I experienced one such episode at Costco. I was walking into the store from my car and a man about 10 years older than I was headed the same way. He looked over at me and said hi. He made small chit chat, and once inside the store we went our separate ways. About five minutes later I was looking some potted plants and he was there, too. He made another friendly comment, and I answered. Then I continued shopping, feeling really good about myself.


Near the end of my shopping excursion, I encountered him yet again near the pharmacy area. He was buying a boquet of flowers. “We keep running into each other. We must need the same things,” he said.

“Yea, I know! It’s kind of weird!” I replied, thinking it was a strange coincidence but one that made me feel good. I’ll take the ego boost! I turned toward the checkout area and went through the line. I exited the building and walked to my car. As I was getting in, I looked up and saw the same guy getting into his own car, which was facing mine but three cars down to the right.

He smiled at me and said, “You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks!” I replied.

“Your husband is a lucky man.”


Stalked By a Creep


I got in my car, backed up, and drove out of the lot. I came to the stoplight and stopped in the right lane, anticipating going home. I noticed he pulled in right behind me. Then I remembered I had one more errand to run and angled into the left-turn lane, changing my blinker. When the light turned green, I pulled left onto the road and he did too. Now I was creeped out; he was following me.

I continued for about a mile and got in another left-turn lane. He pulled along side me in the right-turn lane. “Maybe it was a coincidence,” I thought. “Maybe he wasn’t following you afterall.”

Through the half-open passenger window of my car, he shouted something. I couldn’t hear, so I put down the window all the way.

“You have great boobs,” he said. “Are they real?”

** Crickets **

“Uh…thanks?” I said.

“Can I see them?”

“Not a chance.”

“Really? You won’t flash me?”

“Uh…no.” And by the grace of god the light turned green and I drove away. So much for an ego boost. I just got stalked by a pervert.






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