An Accidental Flashing

On a particularly hot summer day this summer, I had spent the afternoon working outside. I showered before dinner, and then dried my hair in the nude, simply because I was still hot. We were going to go out and grab a quick dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and I didn’t want to try too hard to get ready. I grabbed a sundress with cute ties at the shoulder but one that I was thinking about giving away. I threw it on and decided I still liked it enough to keep it, and to make things easier, even wear it to dinner. I hadn’t put on a bra, because I hadn’t intended to wear the dress out. But then I figured if I threw on a white jean vest, then I could wear the dress without it being too obvious that my girls were hanging solo.


Always Wear a Bra…Always

I will pause here to say that I ALWAYS wear a bra. Always. Yes, I have great boobs. (See blog Never Say Never: Plastic Surgery.) But I’m not one to go around town braless. But on this particular evening, I was tired, and hot, and thought I could get away with it if I just had an extra piece of clothing over the dress.

The Flashing

Back to that night….My niece Kaitlyn  was here that week chilling with my youngest daughter Elisabeth, so instead of sitting in our usual booth, we were seated at a long table in the center of the restaurant, which allowed us a little extra space. We ordered our favorite white cheese dip and dug into the salsa and chips.

About ten minutes later, Kaitlyn said, “Hey, Auntie.”

I looked up at her and said, “Yes?”

She smiled and pointed to her chest. I looked down at my own chest, thinking I would find a glob of white cheese that I had accidentally dropped on myself. Instead, there, in all its glory was my left breast. My entire left breast, with my large areola and my firm nipple standing at attention. One of the ties on my dress had come undone, and the whole top half of my dress on the left side hung below my boob.

The jean vest I was wearing covered my shoulders, so I didn’t feel that anything was amiss. Had I worn the bandeau that I normally do, there would have been no problem. But on this one occasion when I chose not to wear a bra, my dress magically comes half off. Really?

I grabbed the fallen piece and pulled it up quickly. I looked up and scanned the room; I didn’t see anyone giggling or staring at me, so I have chosen to believe that no one saw it. Elisabeth followed me to the bathroom (after nearly peeing in her pants from laughing so hard) and helped me tie and double knot the dress ties. Both of them.

We got back to the table, and everyone was still laughing. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’ ok. My boobs are fantastic.” But still, next time I will wear a bra, just in case.



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