Kissing Your Husband

On one of my girl trips, we were sitting on the balcony of my parents’ condo looking at the ocean. We were laughing, talking, and enjoying some wine. There was a lull in the conversation, and Joni suddenly blurted out, “I don’t like kissing my husband. Does anyone else feel that way?” There was silence for a second or two. And then, one by one, three others raised their hands too. Four out of five. Wow.

Couple Kissing

Kissing a New Guy

First let me say that there is so much more to sex and passion than kissing. The skills of a mediocre or bad kisser get lost in the initial passion you feel for your someone you love. The hormones and endorphins flow through your body and make each contact electric. The butterflies in your stomach take your mind away from the business that may or may not be going on at your mouth.


Kissing the Same Guy

However, after years of a relationship, the hormones and endorphins wane, and you are left with the basic acts: Sex. Kissing. Touching. And if the kissing wasn’t ever out of this world, then it’s going to start to feel mediocre and not even the littlest bit sexy. It may even start to feel gross; so gross that you don’t even do it. You start to skip the foreplay that you love, because it’s not really foreplay anymore. It doesn’t get you in the mood; it just kind of irritates you because it doesn’t make you wet anymore. So you go straight to the sex, oral or otherwise, which lasts under five minutes. You are left thinking: “Is this going to what sex is like for the rest of my life?” And after a while of this going through your mind, you accept that yes, this is sex for the rest of your lift. And that my friends, is a depressing thought.

Getting Better

That is a dangerous road to go down, but it’s one we all take. And if you are young and newly married, you are thinking “No Way, not me.” Yes way. It’s everyone. But you can detour off the crappy kissing train. There are books your husband can read. Hell, there are people he can hire. However you decide to address the inadequacy, it’s critical that you do it. Because once your husband learns to kiss well, the foreplay gets hot again, and that will spice up the sex

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