An Afternoon of Sex

A Weekday, Daytime Date

Back when Matthew and I were in the first decade of our marriage, he told me he had planned a day date. Excited and curious, I waited with enthusiasm until the day of the event. It was a weekday. He gave me an address and a time to meet him there, so off I went.

I drove west on one of the main streets in town, getting nearer to the numbered address. I drove back and forth a couple times, not seeing anything that would lend itself to an afternoon date: a wine bar, a tapas restaurant, bowling. I parked in a strip mall (that didn’t even have a restaurant) and studied the numbers. Puzzled, I called Matthew, and he told me I was right next door to the destination. It was a place I had so little interest in visiting that it didn’t even cross my mind as a possibility: it was the Sybaris.

sybaris new

sybarisIMG_5994The Sybaris

Yes, I was going to spend half the day having sex with my husband in a room where hundreds of other people had done the very same thing. And so I pulled in and drove to our assigned villa. The room was spacious, with an end table on each side of the bed along the wall. A spa pool (no slide) was in a separate room off to the right. When Matthew arrived, I casually asked how long the “date” would last: 4 hours. In my head: “(Panic) Oh my God. That is a long time to have sex. How many times can you have sex in four hours? How many times do you want to have sex in four hours? (Panic) Won’t I be sore? Do we have any other entertainment? (Movies? Uno?) What in the world are we going to do for four hours? (Panic)”

Not wanting to disappoint Matthew, I asked if he thought we could keep busy for four hours. He said he thought we’d take intermittent breaks to read, watch tv, “swim,” and talk. In the end, it was fine. I don’t remember how many times we did the deed, but it was definitely more than four. I was careful to throw the comforter on the floor (shiver…jizz), and I am pretty sure the chlorine and temperature levels in the pool were high enough to kill any germs (shiver…jizz). Neither one of us came up with a weird rash or a venereal disease, so I think it was clean.


The Next Time…

This definitely wasn’t my ideal afternoon date, but I was touched that my husband was turned on enough by me that he wanted to spend four hours fucking his wife. Even still, next time, can we just get a couples massage?



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