From Start to Finish

Woman Sucking Straw

On one of many girls trips, my friends and I found ourselves sitting around drinking and sharing stories about our married sex lives. (This happens almost every time we are together. Sorry guys, there are no secrets.) Lyndsey brought up how she hated to give head, and I commented that I didn’t mind doing it, but that I didn’t ever suck it very long. Frankly I get bored bobbing up and down pretty quickly, and I get very little out of it. (See Blog #2: Sucking Dick.)

All the Way to the End

All of a sudden, Lyndsey threw up her arms, hands out in a stop sign, and halted the conversation. “Wait! You mean you don’t do it from start to finish?” ** Crickets ** ** More crickets **

“Uh, no,” we all said.

“None of you?!?!”

“Uh, no. We’re married. Why would we suck it to the end?” I said.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me we could stop?”

Just Say No

Listen girls. No one ever needs to tell you that you don’t have to suck dick from start to finish. It’s knowledge that comes with being married. It it knowledge that grows on you, that kind of just develops on its own. Kind of like how you know from how your body feels that your period is about to start. It’s a sixth sense. No one has to come out and say, “Hey Jackie. Your period is about to begin. You’ll be getting moody and your boobs will hurt. And then it will happen.” You just know it. Well sucking your husband’s dick from start to finish is the same thing. No one flat-out tells you that it doesn’t have to be done. You just come to that realization intuitively.

But in case you didn’t know, now you do. You can stop whenever you want to. And if you’re like my sister, who has diagnosed herself with penagagaphobia, you don’t have to do it at all. Ever.

See? That was easy. You’re welcome!!     


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