The Hedgehog

Girls Trip

On one of my annual girls’ trip to Florida, my friends and I found a great hole-in-the-wall bar where we could eat, drink, and do a little dancing on a tiny dance floor. (We are talking 4’ x 5’.) As we waited for our table one evening, we were dancing to the dj. The five of us took up the entire floor. Slowly a short, fat, gross-looking man in his late 50s walked up to us and started to dance. He got pretty close to us, trying to do a little bump and grind body dancing. We looked at each other and mouthed “What the fuck?” We put our hands up in the air (hands off!) and danced a little, gradually making our way off the floor. We talked a little about the disgusting man with the moustache who approached us like he belonged in a night club and then pretty much forgot about it.


The next day we returned to the bar for lunch, and the waiter asked if we knew who had been there the prior evening. “No, who?” we asked.

“Ron Jeremy,” he replied. Thinking Ron was an NBA star or someone equally as famous, we asked who he was. The waiter smiled and said, “Look him up.” And so we did.


Very quickly we came to find out that we had been dancing with the Hedgehog. (Gross….) We read his bio and learned he was known for autofallatio. Not knowing what that was and anticipating a definition, I tapped on the word, since it was a link. No definition opened in the next window. Instead, there was a picture of a young, thin man sucking his own dick.

Ok then.

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