Tennis Wear, or Not

Playing tennis in the Midwestern winter weather isn’t easy. Sure, we have indoor facilities where we play when it’s cold outside. But that also means layering up only to have to gradually strip off your clothes as you play, leaving a trail of shirts and pants littered along the perimeter of the court.


One such day I had worn a short-sleeved shirt and a cute tennis skirt with a pair of long, flowy-legged pants over it. (But the skirt was pulled out the top so I still looked cute.) The six of us lined up to hit running forehands as a warm-up, and then soon switched to backhands. I was getting warm. After I hit the ball, I hustled to the back of the line so I would have time to take off my pants. Always in a hurry, I grabbed the fabric of my pants at the knee and tugged, wanting to pull down the pants in one big motion. Well I did, and it took my tennis skirt with it.


So there I stood with my pants and tennis skirt down by knees with my white ass in its tiny thong underwear hanging out. I scrambled to pull up my clothes and look over to find one of my friends (who was directly behind me) literally rolling on the floor. She had a front-row look at my strip tease. Another friend on the court next to us was bent over laughing hysterically. Fortunately, our pro Mike did not get a view of this show.

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