Sucking Dick

My husband Matthew and I have been married more than 20 years. I have been sucking dick for a long time. But several years ago,  for some reason, I decided that there might be a technique I was missing, something I wasn’t doing that would really rock his world. I am always willing to learn something new, so I used Amazon to look at several books on giving head. I read reviews and weighed the book summaries. I thought I found a winner: Guide to Licking and Sucking – How to Impress Him with the Best BlowJob by Jean-Claude Carvill. The cover showed a woman with her lips pressed gently against a man’s deliciously muscular stomach. Looked good to me.


Techniques for Giving Head

When the book arrived in the mail, I was ready, maybe even a little excited to surprise Matthew with the great things I would learn. Turns out the book was not so much a how-to book as it was a fictional story about a nurse who knew a lot about sucking dicks and wanted to share her knowledge with her patients by sucking them off. Uh, ok. Sandwiched between the soft porn narrative, there were also recommendations about sensuality and the importance of making your man feel like you love and accept his body. Blah, blah, blah. I didn’t read anything that really made me think “Ah ha! I’ve been doing it wrong!” (I mean, can anybody really suck dick wrong?) So I was getting skeptical.

The Nut Sack

We have all heard of that you should pay attention to the nut sack. Cup it. Lick it. Hell, even suck it. But this author had a suggestion that brought my reading to a screeching halt: suck his nut sack while you have a mouth full of cum. I heard “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” screaming in my head. No woman in her right mind would recommend doing this! Most married women I known won’t let cum anywhere near their faces, not to mention their mouths! Immediately everything I read came into question. I turned to the back cover to get the scoop on the author, because really, what woman would ever recommend that? Apparently the author wasn’t a woman after all. It was Jean-Claude, a gay man from France. Well of course! Now it made sense.

And for the record, if sucking dick with a mouth full of cum would rock Matthew’s world, I still wouldn’t do it. There are certainly limits to my expression of love.

Endnote: Still in disbelief, I did some recon of my own. I asked some of my gay male friends about this technique. They had neither sucked dick (or more accurately, a nut sack) with a mouth full of cum nor did they want to try. So it’s not just me.

Endnote II: I didn’t give up. I tried another book and made sure this time to pick a female author. I chose  Sucking Him:  Woman’s Guide to Giving Head by Bella McKenzie. She was much more helpful. Her suggestions were interesting and techniques I would actually consider trying: swallow when his dick is in your mouth, make swirls on his head with your tongue, hum while you suck him. That, I can do.  


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