Removing the Hair “Down There”

swimsuit 2

The Bikini Area

In my 20s, I shaved my bikini area, needing to trim just outside the bikini line. That had always been enough grooming for “down there.” But then I started to get razor burn; you know, that unsightly rash and the itty bitty pimples that come from in-grown hairs. After-shave gels didn’t do much for the problem, so I stopped shaving and I tried to pluck. It didn’t take long for me to realize that was futile, because it hurt like a mo-fo and there was way too much of it. I was definitely not interested in getting a wax (who wants another woman all up in there anyway???). So I decided to try Nair. Put in on, let it sit, and wipe away the hair. What could be better?!

Nair Hair Removal 

I went to the store and bought the first bottle I could find. Preparing for a girls’ trip at a lake, I was ready to get down to business. I spread the Nair lotion all over my bikini line and even inside the line a little, just for good measure. And I waited. A few minutes into the waiting, I felt tingling, and then a little burning. And then a lot of burning. I decided that wasn’t a good thing and began to wipe away the lotion. And then I put a cold washcloth on it, just to cool things down. But it still stung. And it was pink and splotchy. But the hair was gone. Win- win…maybe?


Two days later I prepared for my trip. I packed the Nair just in case I needed a touch-up mid-way through the adventure. Once at the lake, I got into my swimsuit and low and behold, I had a huge rash creeping out of my swimsuit, spreading downward and to the sides, making its way to every inch of skin that had come into contact with the “magic” lotion. This was no razor burn rash; I would have taken that hands down to what was all over my crotch. No. To the unknowing stranger, it appeared I had a wildly spreading venereal disease. Hot.

Pulling out the Nair bottle to see if there were any warnings I should know about, I read the front of the bottle: Nair for Legs. Huh…guess it was my bad. Nevertheless, I was never again brave enough to try Nair – for the bikini line or for the legs.

2 thoughts on “Removing the Hair “Down There”

  1. Your blog is already my favorite. The Nair story is hysterical. I think many of us can relate to that. So are you getting waxed now or what? I sure hope you aren’t letting a woman all up in your stuff. 😂


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